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ANOLON X 10-PC SET (14326-T)

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ANOLON X 10-PC SET (14326-T)

Life is full of flavors. Let Anolon X unleash yours. Introducing exclusive SearTech™ technology, uniting fat and heat for unparalleled caramelization and browning to create flavors that stop conversations. Anolon X: lock in flavor and throw away the key. In the pursuit of flavor, indulge yourself in unfair advantages. Made-to-last cookware outfitted with tempered glass lids to lock in heat, dual-riveted handles for confidence and control.

  • Ultra durable aluminum nonstick cookware
  • SearTech™ surface: stainless steel mesh to lock the oil in the middle of pots and pans to let the heat and fats unite for incredible caramelization and browning.
  • Hybrid nonstick pots and pans feature a thick, uniquely construted stainless steel base.
  • Dual rivted handles for confidence and control
  • Flat rivets provide the smoothest cooking surface and easy cleaning up
  • Tempered glass lids to seal in heat and flavor
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Oven safe at 260°C/500°F
  • Suitable with all cooktops including induction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • PFOA-free

The set includes:

  • 16CM/1.9L/2QT SAUCEPAN with Lid
  • 20CM/3.8L/4QT SAUCEPAN W/HH with Lid
  • 24CM/7.6L/8QT STOCKPOT with Lid
  • 24CM/3.3L/3.5QT SAUTE with Lid
  • 25CM/10"" FRYING PAN
  • 30CM/12"" FRYING PAN W/HH

Base Material: Stainless steel

Handles: Stainless Steel

Interior Surface: SearTech: Stainless steel mesh

Lid Material: Tempered glass lid

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Induction Suitable: Suitable with all stovetops including induction

Oven-safe Temperature: 260°C/500°F

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