The Story of Black Alumite Technology x Meyer Midnight Series

The Story of Black Alumite Technology

Black Alumite Meyer Midnight Series

The way we've traditionally talked about hard-anodized nonstick to consumers doesn't always stick. Based on the results of our home research, no one seemed to know what HA cookware is or why it is good.

This is why we've wanted to develop new, memorable ways to tell the story of hard-anodized nonstick and explain this fantastic invention that has revolutionized the industry.

Here at Meyer Labs, we’re always trying to make your kitchen a better place and that’s why we invented the ‘Ultimate Nonstick Frypan’.

By dipping aluminum into our snazzy electric bath, we’ve created a super hard material called Black Alumite. We’ve created a super hard material called ‘Black Alumite’, by taking some aluminum and dipping it into a snazzy electric bath.

Aluminum is a fantastic heat conductor but it’s a tad soft. Yikes! The bath creates a strong coat of armoor over the soft aluminum, making it a whopping 8x harder. This makes it much more scratch resistant and helps stay nonstick for longer. Observe.

Clam shells are super sharp, so they make for a fantastic scratch test. Look what happens when we stir fry them in regular aluminum compared to superhard Black Alumite. As you can see, regular aluminum gets the living daylights beat out of it whilst our Black Alumite is looking fit as a fiddle.

Can you see the difference?

Finally, we top it all off with our ultra ceramic-reinforced nonstick finish which has been engineered to last and last.

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