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Enjoy Songkran Festival with MEYER - What to use instead of water gun?

Did you forget Songkran Festival yet? Or do you remember how to splash water and have fun during Thai’s New Year holiday? Since the pandemic has arrived, our lives have changed, also the enjoy moment like Songkran. Maybe this year we can adjust something to have fun?

If you don’t have any gun water, here’s some alternatives for you.

Songkran's water gun or bowl alternatives

1. Tiny lollipop red saucepan from MEYER COOKING FOR ME 0.9L/14CM OPEN MILK PAN

  • Lightweight, suits for kids
  • Durable, countless time for bailing out the water
  • Beautiful color
  • Long handle for splash further

MEYER COOKING FOR ME หม้อด้ามอลูมิเนียม 14CM สีแดง Lollipop MILKPAN

    2. Small but not tiny marble saucepan from MEYER FORGESTONE 16CM/1.9L COVERED SAUCEPAN

    • Soft color but strong inside like beautiful people with strong heart
    • Glass lid helps protect from water fight and reflect it back
    • Phenolic handle for perfect grip despite many times of shake

    MEYER FORGESTONE หม้อมีด้ามจับ ขนาด 16 ซม. / 1.9 ลิตร Saucepan

    3. Super shiny saucepan from MEYER BELLA CLASSICO 3QT/18CM COVERED SAUCEPAN

    • Beautiful shiny sunray finish reflects well the lights to attack the opponents
    • Looks small but spacious
    • Food grade stainless steel 304, if you don’t want to play with it, use it as an enormous drinking glass
    • Warning: do not use hand lotion before using the product as it can be slippery

     MEYER BELLA CLASSICO หม้อมีด้ามจับสแตนเลส มาพร้อมฝาปิด ขนาด 18 ซม. SAUCEPAN

    4. Roll out the red carpet for MEYER Forge.Red 3.8L/20CM COVERED SAUCEPOT

    • Warm red for those who need warmth in life
    • 2 helper handles for 2 players
    • Durable, spacious but still lightweight
    • Can use as a accessory box after the festival finishes

    MEYER FORGE.RED หม้อต้มซอส 2 หู ขนาด 20 ซม. SAUCEPOT 3.8L/20CM


    • Mysterious black color
    • 2 helper handles for multiple players
    • Great amount of water volume can be added in
    • Durable, add water as much as you want

     MEYER COOK 'N LOOK INDUCTION หม้อต้ม 2 หู ขนาด 24CM./5.7L. STOCKPOT

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