Differences between Circulon SteelShield C-Series, S-Series, and AnolonX

After launching our AnolonX in Thailand last year, we have introduced stainless steel mesh on non-stick surface as a new technology from Anolon. Today, we have SteelShield technology from Circulon with circular stainless steel grooves on non-stick stainless. Well, they both sound similar, aren’t they?

But what are the differences between these 2 brands?

Let’s start from Circulon SteelShield C-Series and S-Series

The Differences between Circulon C-Series and S-Series

Circulon SteelShield has launched 2 series here: C-Series and S-Series

  • Body
    • The body of C-Series is made of clad 3-ply (stainless-aluminum-stainless) which helps faster heat distribution and more even. Plus, C-Series is lighter than S-Series which is made from impact bonded stainless steel with extra thick base (stainless-aluminum-stainless)
  • Heat Distribution
    • C-Series performs faster in terms of heat distribution while S-Series performs better in terms of maintaining heat in the pan. However, the stainless steel rings that protect non-stick are only on the surface for S-Series, unlike C-series that go up to the side wall.
  • Rivets
    • Rivets are beautifully and functionally designed to be durable and long-lasting for Circulon SteelShield. C-Series features flat rivets which reduces the chance to get stuck from food. The rivets from both series are non-stick coated, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning.
  • Exterior
    • C-Series has polished stainless steel finish, while S-Series has brush/hairline finish. Despite the difference, there is no effect on the performance of cooking.

Now, let’s take a look at the difference between brands.

The Differences between Circulon SteelShield and AnolonX

  • Body
    • The body from AnolonX is aluminum while, Circulon SteelShield has stainless steel.
  • Heat Distribution
    • Heat distribution performance of AnolonX is between Circulon SteelShield C-Series and S-Series. But with aluminum body, AnolonX transfer the heat better.
  • Stainless Steel Peaks
    • AnolonX features a stainless steel mesh on the non-stick surface which helps better searing and browning food with wonderful texture. Circulon SteelShield has circular stainless steel peaks which also helps to protect the non-stick surface of the cookware.

Circulon SteelShield and AnolonX, which one is better?

For using with low - medium heat, we recommend using AnolonX rather than Circulon SteelShield. However, it depends on the way you cook. If you originally prefer aluminum cookware, AnolonX will suit you. But if you like the performance of using stainless steel, then, Circulon SteelShield will be your answer. For lightweight and performance, you can go with C-Series, if you don’t mind about the weight, so let’s get the S-Series.

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