Do we still need oil for non-stick frypans?

We might have heard that the cooking oil is unnecessary when you’re using non-stick frypans because of the coating. But why is it still stuck when you make just an easy dish like fried egg?

Actually, we still a little bit of cooking oil while using nonstick cookware and some hint for non-stick coating to create a great skating fried egg dish. Even though using oil with non-stick, the volume is still a lot less than other type of cookware material. Therefore, no worries for those who concern about health.

Here are some tips for skating your fried eggs!

  1. Use medium heat: it is important for a non-stick frypan to use the right heat, otherwise the coating could be damaged after long use, and your fried egg could stick to the pan easily when the non-stick pan is too hot.
  2. Light touch of oil: despite super duper non-stick coating, frying eggs still needs some oil to make sure that they don’t stuck and your eggs become ugly. You can try to wipe your surface with oil slightly and thoroughly before cooking.
  3. Ask somebody else who knows: the easiest, effortless way, then you don’t need to think about it, only wait and eat!
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