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Prestige Cook's Knives 14pcs KNIFE BLOCK SET (56024-C)

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น้ำหนัก 1.84 kg

Prestige Cook's Knives 14pcs KNIFE BLOCK SET (56024-C)

  • Stainless Steel blade material
  • Holds a sharper edge for longer rust free, durable and lightweight no metallic taste or smell and doesn't brown fruit or vegetables soft grip
  • Ergonomic handle provides a confident
  • Slip free grip protective blade cover provided for safe storing

The set includes:

  • PARING KNIFE 9CM/3.5" Thickness: 1.2mm
  • UTILITY KNIFE 11CM/4.5" Thickness: 1.2mm
  • STEAK KNIFE 11CM/4.5" Thickness: 1.2mm
  • BONING KNIFE 15CM/6" Thickness: 2mm
  • BREAD KNIFE 20CM/8" Thickness: 2mm
  • SLICER KNIFE 20CM/8" Thickness: 2mm
  • CHEF'S KNIFE 20CM/8" Thickness: 2mm
  • Sharpening Steel 20cm/8"
  • Scissors Thickness: 1.5mm
  • 14 slot rubberwood finish, inside pine knife block

Base Material: Stainless steel from Japan

Silicone Grips: Carbon handle

Dishwasher Safe: Dishwasher safe


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