Meyer Midnight Series

Meyerʼs Midnight Series: Stronger, tougher, better nonstick

Tough, long-lasting cookware for the modern, everyday kitchen.

meyer midnight series

Yes, itʼs true. As frustrating as it is, all nonstick surfaces wear off over time and foods start to stick, some sooner than later. Midnight Series, a new cookware collection in Meyer Labsʼ repertoire, is here to change that and it lasts a lot longer than youʼd expect. The series is so durable you will want to and can keep for longer, meaning you donʼt have to think about a replacement for quite some time.

What makes Midnight Series special is its upgraded durability and nonstick performance. Engineered to last and last, the collection is made with innovative technology where regular aluminum is transformed into a superhard material called Black Alumite, becoming twice as hard as stainless steel, and then bonded
with ultra ceramic-reinforced nonstick. Black Alumite is unique in that it boosts the lifespan of nonstick surfaces by reinforcing the bonding, making it last 19 times longer than regular nonstick pans. Midnight Series is built to withstand all the action in the kitchen so you can cook without worry every time, no matter what you want to dish up.

Dressed head to toe in matte black, from the base, rims, flame guard to the handle, Midnight Series adds a modern, dapper look to the everyday kitchen. Its sleek design is complemented by thoughtful design features, including a flared rim design for easy pouring, comfortable, stay-cool handle, and break-resistant
stackable glass lids, while its fully protected surface and base prevents corrosion and stains, keeping cookware pieces newer for longer. The items in the Midnight Series are induction friendly, dishwasher safe, and oven safe up to 350oF / 180oC. Kitchen essentials such as frypans, saucepans, stockpots, and chefʼs pans in different sizes can be found in the collection.

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