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4 Ways to Craft Unforgettable Dishes with AnolonX

Do you know that you can elevate your normal recipe to be a fantasy dish? You can bring the best flavors out of it with a professional cookware like AnolonX

Let's see how you can do it!

1. Fonds

A fond is the start to a deeper, richer suace. Or Anolon X Fry Pan's nonstick finish helps with deglazing. Which turns toasted brown bits from the pan into flavorful seasonings. So you can infuse savory notes into ay thick, luscious sauce.

For instant, after grilling your juicy steak, there would be some bits and fat left in the pan. By that, you can heat it up and add more herbs to get the sauce. Now you can top your steak with this delicioius sauce.

 anolonx frying pan steak

2. Stew

Slow cooking ingredients is the best way to draw out seasonings. THe AnolonX Covered Stockpot gives room tcraft rich and deep flavors. Sear your meats. Add in vegetables or stocks. Then let your ingredients sit in cozy, delicious harmony.

 AnolonX casserole stew

3. Sear

Having the right pan is essential for crafting a crispy golden sear. Our Anlon X Fry Pan sears like stainless but cleans like nonstick. Oil stays in the midle of teh pan for better caramelization. It's oven safe up to 500F/260C, so you can give any protein a tender, juicy finish.

anolon x seartech

4. Simmer

Reducing liquids and simering soups are easy ways to add flavor and better prestation to any meal. Our Anolon X Covered Saucepan helps soups sit and linger till simmered to perfection. Its nonstick finish slides your culinary creations out of the pan and onto oyur plate.

anolonx saucier simmer

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